Live Remote Support

Innovation ERP provides a Live Remote Support Service to rapidly and seamlessly deliver virtual on-site support and demonstrations to our customers powered by GoToAssist. GoToAssist is application independent and completely Web based, so there is no software to install on end-user machines.

To start your session:

  • Contact your consultant or representative via Telephone
  • Once our consultant has you on the line, they will prompt you to click on this button:GoTo Assist
  • Click on the “Smart Button”
  • Your support screen will now launch and our representative will begin by viewing your desktop and giving you further instructions based on your support requirements

Sage Software Support

These services are free of charge as long as you have a current support contract with Sage Software; these options and more are listed on Sage’s Support site (“BOSS”) at:

You will need to setup a User Login/ID to access the site.

  • Knowledgebase – a search database for identified problems and workarounds/solutions
  • Telephone support: 800-3­33-5242
  • FAX Support: 800-­777-7336
  • E-mail Support
  • Sage Talk Online Forum: Share your product questions and experiences with other users. Feedback, downloads (patches and Updates), and much more…

(In order to avoid delays, have the following items at hand when calling or submitting questions):

  • Customer Account Number
  • Product name and version – (Sage PFW, PFW, Batchmaster)
  • Network OS
  • Client OS
  • PAS OS
  • Pervasive version
  • Description of the problem
  • Please include application, menu option and error message if any.