Sage X3 ERP

Grow your business, increase your profits and better manage your operations, all in one solution.

Sage X3 ERP is the enterprise resource planning solution that will help you better run your business from “End to End”, more robust and complete than any other mid market ERP solution on the market. X3 ERP is Sage Software’s “flagship”, and eliminates the need for bolting together solutions from different software publishers so common in today’s market.

You’ll find that X3 ERP is easy to learn, straight forward to implement, and by far the best value available.

Module by module, Sage X3 ERP provides a greater ROI:

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting: Greater visibility and sharing of “real time” information throughout the entire Enterprise
  • Advanced Accounting: Powerful, flexible and comprehensive to meet your needs for today’s operations and tomorrow’s growth
  • Customized Workflow: “Management by Exception” allows you to focus on the real issues and ensure nothing is left to chance.
  • Manufacturing management: simplify compliance, serial and lot tracking, recipe management and quality control, complete traceability – forward and reverse.
  • Distribution and Warehouse Management: Better manage inventory, and move products faster to better respond to your customers needs.
  • Customer Relationship Management: from marketing to sales, campaigns to warranty and service requests, your company will monitor opportunities, streamline the sales cycle and provide better service.
  • Advanced Business Intelligence: advanced analytics provide a clear view into your KPI’s and business processes

Sage’s X3 is a flexible, highly configurable and robust ERP solution, designed meet the needs of distributors and manufacturers advanced requirements while providing for a quick ROI. Innovation ERP is a leading X3 ERP provider and our senior Professional Services team will work closely with your organization to quickly and successfully implement on time and budget. When looking for a long term solution, one designed to grow with your business and enhance productivity with your organization, Sage’s X3 ERP should be at the top of your list.

Other Features

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